December has arrived for everyone, in this occasion for Litecoin, which today Friday has had a price rise that has activated the automatic purchases for its active growth.

Charlie Lee, its creator, celebrates the rise in prices after a scheduled life of interviews and talks of the new personalities of the show of the Cryptos.

But not everything is celebration, because Christmas will not come for those who thanks to the rise of the cryptodivisas have to solve many issues of network congestion and transactions that take a long time in IOTA and Bitcoin networks.

This rebound to the cryptos keeps in trouble the exchange houses and wallets that after their rebound are saturated keeping all users upset. For example, LITECOIN was in a comfort zone of 25,000 transactions per day to 68,000 transactions and breaking a price record.

The whole community has something clear, and that is that it needs to improve transfers, times and movement fees.

2018 has many challenges to solve in terms of these new monetary technologies is concerned and scaled in one of the most important.



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