Mining bitcoins with the computer using Minergate is probably the easiest way to do mining at home. It does not require special equipment or high computer skills, and it is also a fun experiment. It simply requires installing a program and pressing the mine button. However, it is advisable to read the previous points of the tutorial so as not to have false expectations, because I provide an honest vision of the current operation of mining.

The best Cryptonotes to mine are those that can leave you benefits in the short term, the most stable and those that give us the support and confidence to continue using them. Minegate has a profit calculator on its website which is based on the following formula:

The 3 main Cryptonight / CryptoNote currencies to generate a passive income with mining in minergate are:


Algoritmo: CryptoNight

Monero is an excellent option in terms of alternative currencies (altcoin), its level of security and privacy have made it well known in the market. In addition, it is based on open source, which makes it accessible to everyone. Not to mention that the ASICs for this cryptocurrency have not penetrated the network as much as it has been designed.

The first step to start mining is to have a compatible wallet, the most recommended option is the official GUI version that offers its own website.

Then you must acquire a mining software specific to the cryptocurrency, such as multiminer or guiminer, although there are also other alternatives.

Once having the wallet available and having installed the mining software, it will use the processing of the CPU to perform the mining process.

The use of graphics cards also helps accelerating the mining task, with the increase in processing power. The most optimal in this case are the AMD graphics cards.

Another advantage for this 2018 is that Minergate is not charging commission with Monero if you enter the MINEFREE code


Algoritmo: CryptoNight

Bytecoin (BCN) is an alternative cryptocurrency launched in 2012 that uses the unique CryptoNight algorithm based on CryptoNote technology. Bytecoin is an open decentralized cryptocurrency, which means that any interested person can join the Bytecoin network and participate in the development of the currency.

Bytecoin allows secure transactions around the world and offers the convenience of instant transactions without charges. This is possible due to the processing of transactions carried out by network users who are rewarded by the network itself. During the processing of transactions, users do not have access to information regarding the sender, receiver or the amount of money transferred.

Like Monero, Bytecoin uses the CryptoNight algorithm, which is designed to make the CPU and GPU mining approximately equally efficient and at the same time restrict ASIC mining.

One of the immediate advantages of Bytecoin is its immediacy in transactions, I can say that using Bytecoin for me has been like using a traditional payment system, I could easily buy a coffee without having to wait for it to cool to pay for it.

Bytecoin is the currency that experts recommend for beginners, since it is efficient to mine, immediate in transactions, you can buy them even on eBay.

Another very good news with Bytecoin is that there are theories that possibly have 3 forks for the end of the year, that only means “Hold and Hold”. There are speculations that the new forks are Bytecoin Gold, and Super Bytecoin.

To receive these new Bytecoin Forks you need to keep them in a portfolio that gives you access to them, for me the best option is FREEWALLET, who has been optimized to create portfolios of forks such as Monero V, Monero Original etc.

Bytecoin (about network troubles)

“The BCN network is experiencing an unusually high load. Transactions can be delayed and node synchronization can lag far behind. BCN Team is working hard to solve issues.”

The route map of Bytecoin has made the interest for the currency to rise to levels never before seen. According to its official website, a hard fork is planned for its anniversary on July 4.

That awoke that a lot of investors are buying, saturating the network which has caused several wallets and exchange houses are having saturation problems in their movements.

The demand is expected to continue growing as the Bytecoin fork day approaches, it is advisable to keep Hold and not move large quantities.


Algoritmo: CryptoNight

AEON for me is a coin that you have to explore for its ease of mining, beginners like it because they see the immediate result.

AEON in Catholic biblical terms The word aeon (aion) means “age”, “the ever-existing”, “eternity”, they came to be applied to the eternal divine power, and to the personified attributes of that power, from where it was extended to to designate the successive emanations of the divinity that the Gnostics conceived as the necessary intermediaries between the spiritual and the material worlds.

AEON in 2015 based on the philosophy that anyone with a simple CPU could mine under the (PoW algorithm: CryptoNight-Lite) which allows all people everywhere to be free to send and receive money with almost any gadget they already own.

At the same time it handles a verification speed 10 times faster than the BitCoin which makes it have a lower cost in its additional transactions although its payments remain anonymous and totally private as all Blockchain its code allows us to see easily and simply the transactions that are made.

Being younger brother of MONERO has all its advantages but with an improved code that makes it lighter which makes it prosper as a currency of easy access and use.

Of all the Cryptonotes is the one that has faster transactions, and possesses some good qualities of his father MONERO.

Monero is available in Minergate GUI for Linux, Mac, Fedora and Windos.

The good news is that AEON already has its own online wallet:!/home

Monero Original (XMO)

Algoritmo: CryptoNight

Monero has been characterized as a private currency, has a large pool of followers since its inception and is the Cryptonote most loved in the market.

The chain was bifurcated on April 6, producing a 1:1 reward between XMR and XMO user.

HitBTC was one of the first to support it by accessing the fork from the Monero portfolios of its customers. There has been talk of trying to trade it but of course that will be a reality at the end of the day.

Monero Original is an enigma but it has such a good acceptance that many of the followers are preaching to the exchange houses and wallets their quick shelter to be able to move and store in purses.

You can mine XMO with Minergate from your GUI or CMD miner to take advantage of its boom from the start. It is the fourth currency with the best mining performance in Minergate, so we recommend you mine while its creators develop the necessary documentation for support.

We can say that it is the resurgence of Cryptonota with such good news with Bytecoin and Monero Original.

“Keep mining for long-time invest to ensure a prosperous future”.

Luis Villeda                                                                                                

Cryptocurrency Adviser and Virtual Investments                              

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