The bitcoin mining fees skyrocketed, after the Coin Mercat Capitalization exceeded $ 600,000,000,000 USD. It has been a difficult day for Bitcoin as many investors migrated to Bitcoin cash, Litecoin and Ether for the problems of congestion, saturated networks, transactions with long times to confirm and the recent entry of Bitcoin into the stock market.

Bitcoin Futures in a tool to freeze the price of bitcoin to attract investors, supported by CME group.

Futures contracts allow traders to speculate on the price of an asset without having to own the asset. Speculators benefit by buying or selling a contract before the price of the asset moves in a certain direction. In the Bitcoin futures market of CME Group, which they expect to have ready by the end of the fourth quarter, each contract will represent five Bitcoins.

If an operator is selling his contract, he is called a short speculator, if an operator is buying a contract, he is called a long speculator.

All this is damaging the emotional investor, who migrates without thinking in the future and who moves small amounts. That is why the price of other alternative currencies has shot up and Bitcoin can not find its support.

The whole problem is the scalability which has not yet reached a consensus. Therefore mining is receiving 30% more commission because people are paying more to avoid being frozen in the confirmation network.

How much should be paid for a Bitcoin transaction?
The calculation of the commission that must be paid for each transaction comes in many times determined by the portfolio (wallet) of Bitcoin we are using, but you should always know the principles that govern these, so as not to fall into errors. The amount of a transaction is given by the number of entries that are included in it and the number of departures.

If a value is set too low, or zero is set, the transaction will be ignored by the miners, and it will remain in the blockchain transaction (Mempool) queue for several hours, days, or even be rejected by the bitcoin network. Many novices, including some experienced bitcoin advanced users have no idea how to set the appropriate amount to include in a transaction, and leave the commissions suggested by the portfolios, or even tend to maximize the amount of these, including exaggerated values. For which they are in many cases uselessly wasting a number of satoshis.

Commision Fee December 2017

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