“You have two options, take the azul pill or the red pill, the truth or lie” (Matrix movie).

Matrix is and will be a technological apocalyptic referent, many of the predictions technically could become true. The truth is that this time we will talk about NEO, not the movie but the cryptocurrency, formerly called AntShares.



NEO, formerly Antshares, is China’s first ever open source blockchain. Founded in 2014, NEO’s mission has been to reinvent the way commerce is done. We believe technology drives progress and together we can create the future. Motivated by this, NEO has been created to shift our traditional economy into the new era of the Smart Economy. https://neo.org/

Did you know the story of last week’s “Chinese ICO Ban”? Well, if it were true, it would leave NEO out of competition, it would probably be an effort to clear the way to NEO to eliminate potential competition.

And believe it or not, the godfather behind NEO is the giant and very “little known” Microsoft. ref: http://bitcoinist.com/


“Ali Cloud is Alibaba’s cloud computing branch and i.t.o. market share, is ranked 1st in China for cloud infrastructure services (and 6th in the world based on revenue). Neo’s much talked about cooperation is with Ali Cloud’s email department. Their email department is building the world’s first blockchain-based email evidence repository, and they are building it on top of The Law Chain. In other words, The Law Chain provides the foundation for their solution.

The last piece of the puzzle is that The Law Chain is technically a separate legal entity to Onchain and Neo, and therefore both sides have clarified that Alibaba’s use of The Law Chain does not constitute Alibaba-Onchain cooperation.
I’m not sure why The Law Chain had to be a separate entity, but it does seem like a missed marketing opportunity to me that Neo can’t state its (indirect) partnership with Alibaba.”  Source: Reddit

  1. ANS was developed by a company called Onchain, based in Shanghai. Da Hongfei is the CEO of Onchain as well as the creator of Antshares

  2. Antshares has some high profile partners listed on its site, including Wings, Alibaba, and Microsoft.

  3. The collaboration with Wings is an R&D partnership. From Wings’s press release: “The strategic cooperation enables European and North American DAO projects to into tap the Chinese cryptocurrency community, and Chinese start-ups to do the same with European and North American communities. Further, the two organizations agree to coordinate resources on mutual business opportunities, and promote joint hackathons to drive ecosystem innovation.”

  4. The collaboration with Microsoft relates to Microsoft Azure, specifically a legal blockchain project of some kind.

  5. The Alibaba collaboration entails a partnership between ONCHAIN and Ali Cloud working on “proof-of-existence for a blockchain-powered email evidence repository as a bottom-layer framework designed for enterprise-level use.

  6. Antshares is also partnered with Bancor

  7. Despite the similiarities in name and logo, Antshares is not connected or affiliated with Ant Financial, Alibaba’s fintech spinoff, as far as I can tell. Ant Financial has created at least one blockchain thing of its own.

  8. Reps from Antshares have attended at least one government-sponsored industry conference on blockchain. It also appears Antshares held a blockchain competition in collaboration with a committee of the Shanghai municipal government (on antshares official site). However, from my own experience with China I would caution readers not to assume this means anything at all. I haven’t seen anything yet that suggests Antshares is “backed” or “endorsed” by the Chinese government as some people on here have claimed. Regulatory risk is real AF when it comes to China (especially crypto in China) so proceed with that in mind. (source: landoindisguise on Reddit)

With the support of two big ones Alibaba and Microsoft adding that the Chinese government “cleaning the road” to kill the competition by banning the ICOs, it is clear that NEO (AntShares) has a safe and prosperous future. It is clear that the “Ethereum of China” has the protection of the government from now. If you ask me now September 10, 2017, if you have to invest in NEO in the long term at least 1 year and we will see surprises.


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