We have been listening to growing interest from the geniuses of “silicon valley”, Facebook, Google and other big investors in technology their interest in artificial intelligence, with not very good results, or results that we have not expected.

There is a clear premise to create the “artificial intelligence” and is the self-learning, of which Facebook and Google know very well, created “Free” platforms for the drainage of all human social knowledge. They created collectives of information to later use them for self-learning. What they have not realized is that the AI is not going to create an “autonomo” with intelligence and independent reasoning, but rather the absorption of all human knowledge of which dominates social networks brings a heavy burden of “Human” with many problems sociological and psychological.

The world’s first operational police robot stands to attention near the Burj Khalifa in downtown Dubai. (Photo credit: Giuseppe Cacace/AFP/Getty Images)

Social networks are a stadium of the Roman era full of people with a lot of testosterone looking for blood from glaciers.

It is proven by studies that people drain their psychological issues in social networks and leave the socially accepted “I” for life outside the networks.

Then who will be the teacher of this new autonomous technology independent and with reason? We are indirectly creating a technological “being” with all our psychological problems and with a great capacity for self-reconstruction for survival, another subject of which we are waxing very well.

Elon Musk the “Tony Stark” of real life, a businessman of high technology recently published the important to see this documentary:

I think the problem is that artificial intelligence will begin its study of human beings through social networks, and that will be the problem, it will be a reflection of all our psychological problems.

Update: 9 May 2018

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