The fever of cryptography “gold” is coming very far, recently the page of series and films Showtimes admitted that had algorithms to mine in its website which was confirmed from several users in twitter.


On Monday, the security-focused website Bleeping Computer posted this screenshot of’s site code indicating the presence of Coinhive’s miner:

Screenshot: Bleeping Computer



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Accourding to Gizmodo:

That highlighted script is what a website would need include if it wanted to use Coinhive’s services. Multiple outlets, including The Register, found that the script was present in both Showtime’s home site as well as, its official streaming site. When we reviewed the source code, it appeared that the script had been removed but not its comment container marked “newrelic”:  source:


There is the possibility that it is intentional, since these days entering a website to configure and add code is almost impossible only to be involved within the company programmers with intent to undermine.

Monero mining in scrypt is easy to add some code in the websites using java and you manage to mine without you realize, consuming more resources of your computer.

We will have to be outstanding in our computers if they heat up too much if we are watching movies or series to determine if any site is undermining.



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