The Millennials have come to demand a new standard in everything, they are not satisfied with just buying and selling, the traditional marketing of Good and Cheaper, but they demand a new standard of quality. You have to know how to create unique experiences. From the first contact with your website to the customer service, through the purchase process, the user experience or user experience adds value every step of the way.

The term user experience (often abbreviated as UX) refers to how a person feels when interacting with a system. This system can be a web page, an application, a program … in general, any form of interaction between people and machines.

UX is the cover of the front end magazine, and the content is the back end. The user interface is the John Connor between Terminator and humans.

UX experts are dedicated to studying and evaluating how users feel about a system, based on parameters such as ease of use, perceived value, usefulness, efficiency when carrying out the proposed task and other .

The success or failure of each of them will depend directly on the ease with which their users can handle it, therefore, a clear, precise, concise interaction between the consumer and the new environment that generates the software is essential to achieve a positive perception.

It is not enough to stay in design factors such as: usability, accessibility, graphic design, usefulness or content quality, in order to make User Experience (UX) pleasant and interesting, emotional aspects must be exploited. the sentimental, to the constitution and diffusion of the brand.

My last UI/UX design:

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