Boston, the mecca of education and history of the United States

Boston surprised me by its cultural diversity and as its history that brings a strong immigration culture component.

All the historical scenarios of the United States begin here. And we visited it in the coldest time of the year, December.

Temperatures that reach -16 degrees C. it was an adventure to be able to endure with little experience in clothing and I opened more than 15 minutes walking in the streets of downtown Boston.

Boston is a museum of sculptures and architecture, with a lot of history in every part of downtown Boston.

My goal was to take pictures of the best angle in each cultural scenario.

My equipment are a Sony A7 that could withstand extreme climates including humid environments because it has a complicated system of closures and packaging that make it the best camera for Travel and a monopod. When you carry 20 pounds of clothes over the cold, it is preferable that your equipment is lighter to be able to walk more.

You can say that The Sony A7 is a NightShoot Camera, since very few times I have needed a flash to think light.

If you want to see the complete Boston photoshoot travel series, you can find it in Shutterstock:

Luis Villeda




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