“We teach you to read (OCR), to speak (Google Now, Siri, Alexa, Amazon Echo), to see (Reverse Images Search Technology), we teach you to recognize us (Snapchat, Google Photos, Facebook auto Tag) is our sentimental confidante (Facebook, Instagram, snapchat), makes us laugh (twitter, the penguins of youtube, came, snapchat, Instagram story), accompanies us when we go shopping and knows our finances (PayPal, Skrill, Amazon, Ebay, Visa and Mastercard base) and gives us job advice (Linkedin, Indeed, Monster), knows when to find us (Geolocation GMaps, Waze, FB, TW, iphone, android) knows our health (Apple Watch, Iphone, Garmin …).

For me we are already living the “Technological Singularity”, the “Cookies”, “Apis” of Google are only the sensors of this technological matrix. It is not about robots with a human face, it is about doing and acting as dictated by “technology” without knowing why. (call trending, fashion, trend, novelty, like the millions of consumers of the noisy iPhone 7 or the explosive Samsung Note 4).

Facebook Servers

Social networks, digital advertising (insight) and communications in social networks are only the “carrot” to guide our life of doing, acting and consuming.

Nintendo Wii, Kinect and PlayStation Move was the first attempt to manipulate our physical movements. “Pokemon Go” was a second attempt to move to where the matrix, technology or algorithm ordered (mass physical manipulation).
The localization algorithms that were used to create the entire Pokemon Go ecosystem were bases of the “queen bee” (Google Maps) and all the contribution of the users proposing with photography the so-called “gyms”. Everything else was custom ecosystems for each user would find a yellow mice, although it seemed random, the idea of ​​the game was to move your humanity out of the normal range of motion.



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