The ICOs have been a way to finance entrepreneurship, as a crowfunding but with the speed of blockchain. Due to its immediacy, it is a terrain for thieves on the dark side of the Internet to approve to collect in supposedly unfounded companies.

Historically, ICO speculators have investigated and followed the launching of new cryptocurrencies in specialized forums, trying to anticipate market movements. The first investors thus seek to benefit from the subsequent revaluation that can occur in the event of a successful commercialization of the new token.

One of the characteristics of any ICO so that it can quickly increase its price is the lack of liquidity and supply in the token market in question. Any speculator who dares with this market is aware of this situation to be able to operate in that type of environment.

To invest in a good ICO you need to know all the radiophraphy of the proposal following these steps:

  • The name of the currency
  • A transparent and clear proposal in the whitepappers.
  • Know everything about the team that makes up the project.
  • Limit amount of the currency.
  • Financial development of the proposal.
  • The amount obtained in the pre-sale.
  • The exchages in which the currency is quoted.
  • The community and social networks.

It is important that for any investment in cryptocurrencies, you can not invest more than you allow yourself to lose. Since they are capital.

To assure your investment, what you need in a manager that analyzes the ICO and guarantees you which are the real ICO and those that do not.

This is where comes in. It is a community supported by a group of CryptoMoney experts in different fields, finance, administration, community manager, and much more.

This group of experts analyze the current and future ICOs to propose them in a directory within their site.

The community is responsible through Telegram to alert and put the team to analyze the ICO that the community needs to certify.

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