“doc.ai is a conversational platform for on-demand, quantified biology.” And surprisingly raises $2.3 million in cryptocurrency “Neuron” token presale.

“Patients will be able to ask Doc.ai questions about their health. To get answers, they share info such as lab test results, illnesses, or the medication they use with AI trained to draw conclusions from data such as blood test results, genomics test, or medicine prescribed by a doctor.” VentureBit.com

Basically it is the “Technological Singularity” working on your health through a blockchain.

¿Conversational AI?

“We are entering a world where artificial intelligence and natural language understanding are bringing unmatched benefits to healthcare.

Our advanced natural language dialog system is designed for vertical medical domains, and can generate insights on blood, genomics, microbiome, environmental and anatomical data.” https://doc.ai/

With the fear of a “technological singularity” this would be a perfect tool to decentralize and demonopolize health, but at the cost of draining all our biological information to “artificial intelligence” as a means to learn to know us biologically #domination.



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