Monero and all the crytodivisas are technologies in development, they are a safe way to keep track of all activities and transactions in a registry book called blockchain.

Monero is a crytote, one of the safest crypto-blinds that exist, however there are only two ways to privately keep your monitors out of the exchangers.

Some is with the GUI of the official page, however to be able to see your transactions you have to synchronize the deamon and it takes centuries to synchronize if your computer does not have an extremely fast internet.

And the other one is with the online wallet but from time to time you can lose your monitors, if you listened well, lose them but not lose them. That is, the synchronization with the blocks may not be the most effective due to congestion, and may be delayed, registering your moneros late.

This was my case, using, because this week the traffic of all the cryptocurrencies was very busy, my wallet did not register the last transaction.

I tell you my story:

I transferred from Minergate 0.240715000000 Moneros then transferred 0.169551 XMR to wallet.

2 days later the first transaction disappeared from my wallet. They was not there, and MyMonery alerted me:

“Your account is catching up, your details may be out-of-date until it is finished (35 blocks behind)
This is not an error, and you do not have anything to do except wait until it is complete.”

After 24 hours the problem persisted, this time without announcements or alerts. It just disappeared.

Something if it is true, if the transaction was made is stored in the books of Monero Blockchain, the trick is to confirm, and this was what I did.

    1. First confirm the exit or payment by pointing Transact
      ion hash:

  1. Go to and search for your transaction Hash:
  2. With this you find the outputs that accompany your transaction, but we need to know which of them is ours. Below add your address and your key to see private. Eye alone is the key to see not to spend.
  3. Outputs will confirm if you went to the address of your wallet.
  4. We already have the test, today to recover it. Monero GUI’s problem with Monero’s official website is that it takes a lot of time for the Daemon to be synchronized and that’s why until we finish synchronizing we can really see what’s on our wallet.Install Monerujo app from your android, it is a wallet which you do not need to download all the daemon, it does it remotely for that reason you do not synchronize the whole block.Add a wallet by entering your address data, public and private viewer and spending key and ready.

This method was very complicated but I know that you can tell me in a better way what solution you can have. Comment if you have other ideas for the community to know.

For a more advanced way, you can check any transaction here:


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