I do not know if bitcoin but the cryptocurrency yes, in fact the cryptocurrency were born by the crisis of 2007-2008 and the immobility bubble that left in the open many problems and traps that banks made.

Financial crisis of 2007–2008 – Wikipedia

The cryptocurrencies are solving the centralized banking monopoly issue, it gives you the personal keys to save your money and earn a little extra without the need of an organization or institution that charges you for administering it.

The monopoly of money affects in times of crisis because banks entering into crisis retain the money that is NOT theirs, as it happened in Greece that at the worst stage of the crisis the banks hold the money to maintain their liquidity, people could not buy their basic needs because the bank did not give them their money.

Greek government-debt crisis – Wikipedia

Cryptocurrency is the best monetary invention of all time, It´s the Money 3.0 but there is much interest in big powers that want cryptocurrencies not to work.

In a crisis you need to save your savings safely and be able to use them in an emergency, cryptocurrencies will work as the gold of the future and will serve to keep your savings saved.

Etherum will be the most stable and secure currency because of its history and bitcoin will be the big player of big capital investors. All others will be a competition to reach the third place.


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