One of the most common questions with digital currency is where to spend it? Where can we buy with Bitcoins? Were can get Bitcoins without traders commission? Were can i buy Bitcoins?

Amazon is one of the top online stores and everyone expects a virtual payment soon.

Officially Amazon does not support payments with Cryptocurrency, but there is a solid and reliable website called Purse.

Purse is a medium where you can buy and sell on Amazon using Bitcoins, it acts as a bridge between the buyer / seller and Amazon and is quite used for those who own Amazon Gift Cards and want to convert them to Bitcoins.

I have used this service in several occasions to earn bitcoins, and I can say that it is very good, the mechanics are as follows:

If you want to earn bitcoins.

There is a shopping list, many users requesting a shopping list that are sorted from the lowest to the highest exchange rate.

In that shopping list you choose the amount you want to spend on Amazon to exchange for bitcoins.

After accepting the USD amount, you make the purchase and then copy and paste the order number into Purse.

Then you have to wait for the product to arrive at the applicant so that Purse will deposit your Bitcoins.

For security of both Bitcoins are frozen at the purchase exchange price and remain stored until the product reaches the applicant.

I recommend that you only use this service if you have Amazon Prime, so that the exchange is fast.

In my experience I must say that the technical support is fast and automatic, since if the applicant already received the product and does not release the bitcoins, the site automatically gets in touch with the requesting or at the very best release the bitcoins immediately.



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