Welcome to my blog. This is my first post.

Hello world, I am Luis Villeda, welcome to my workshop, this is my studio where all my digital projects converge. My creative life is divided into many very different personalities, and this is one of the most important.

I am a professional photographer specializing in food collaborating for Shutterstock, I also like art and illustrate portraits for many people through instagram, some of my art fans.

Through this channel I hope to solve many doubts about the art of photography with tutorials, tricks and how to monetize online your photos through “microsales”, So we can also talk about art and how I am evolving in the science of art. Or I can simply tell you the tricks and experiences that have happened to me on my trips and how to get the best out of them. The idea is to be a tool where we discover the world from the best perspective.

I hope that with your help and support we can create a community of creative and dynamic minds. Follow me on my social networks that are within my website http://luisvilleda.space or subscribe to this youtube channel.

I am Luis Villeda and thank you for following me.

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