After analyzing the curve of the “bubble 2017”, bitcoin brought a lot of enthusiasm. The 2017 curve surpassed the expectation of the “tulip bubble” when it managed to recover after very bad speculative news.

With three hard hits Bitcoin kept up and with more force, because I generate news that I can help you to get more and more people to know you.

Thanks Jaime Dimon!!! for making Bitcoin viral in social networks and Google search.

Bitcoin is strong and something we learned in the 2017 ups and downs:

  • The community is learning that bad news is nothing more than speculation.
  • Bitcoin remains strong after 2 big falls.
  • The system is anti bubble, since its very saturation makes hard fast exits to fiat.
  • Fiat is no longer a reference, since in case of problems many migrate to Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin or Etherum.
  • 2018 the community will be more active and ready for the bad and good news.


Luis Villeda
Cryptocurrency Adviser and Virtual Investments




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