I believe that the Singularity is beginning to work under geopolitical and economic conditions accepting unacceptable conditions of pollutants like the Volkswagen issue and how the government of Germany has been allowed with computers that accept cheating to pass gas emission tests.

The human being in his bipolar ecosystem of good and bad, of left and right, republicans and democrats, etc etc is a rhythmic ecosystem that approves and disapproves of a “non-persuasive” equilibrium.

Even the climatic cycles are rhythmic bipolar highs and lows, extremes of heat and cold extremes, is a topic that until the last days is already apart from the interest of human beings.

The uniqueness is inevitable thanks to the unlimited morrosity of silicon vallley when wanting to automate processes for productivity. Probably Silicon Valley is already orchestrated by the director of singularity and we are seeing a process of changing the exclusion of human beings.

If we do not return to the analogous, the change is inevitable.

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