Investing in Bitcoin is not an investment, it´s a hight risk currency for exchange that can generate a lot of profits, knowing that you can lose a lot. It’s like eating Pufferfish, a squisite that can give you a lot of satisfaction but with the certainty that you probably die.

Bitcoin is today one more currency, like the dollar or euro, a way to transact things, however the commissions are so high that it is not worth keeping short-term money in bitcoin.

It can give surprises at the end of the year and double its price, for someone who invests millions if it is profit, but for us, who only invest small amounts is a waste of time. I recommend you invest in other cryptos that give you whole numbers with the possibility of extreme profits like Ripple, Etherum, Litecoin etc.

However if you have bitcoins you can even get a discount by paying with them on Amazon through Purse.

How earn Bitcoins with Amazon


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