Cryptocurrencies are systems that improve the currency concept, not tools to bet in a casino, or play lucky as in the stock market.

Hardly cryptocurrencies will disappear, I do not know if it is a bubble or not but it is very recurrent that they rise or fall by supply and demand that certain groups can manipulate.

If you want to see results investing in cryptocurrencies, my advice is:

  • Learn to surf, and conquer the waves that the experts surf.
  • Investing long term is the best and supported by companies that support interesting projects of cryptos.
  • Support currencies that have big companies as a partners.
  • Do not get into telegram “Bitcoin” Chats or TrollChats, many of them are only speculators.
  • Read official news of official accounts of the currencies that you like.
  • Do not invest more than 20% of your salary, this advice is from Mark Cuban.

And far from being a bubble, many companies are joining the Blockchain system as a future commercial payment system. Here you can read something from the “Tulip mania bubble”:

Bitcoin and the test of fire of “Tulip mania” proof


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