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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to cooperate on Russian investigation after 2016 election

Facebook will provide copies of 3,000 political advertisements bought through Russian accounts to Congress, announced Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.       Donations:  BTC: 18fhWAhKcBRL3kXSbiMPt1bEpt8kSx4yxc  LTC: LYgxYvWSTGzFDcDziiuQk99hV2JnL3dm5a  ETH: 0x44a15b4ce54139deb109e8a6d432bdb11200b3fd  DASH: XeRu2SjbEiLuNxc5m1xkqPBHe9u68PsAok  BCN:  


Bitcoin: Technical Background and Data Analysis by US Federal Reserve (2014)

Finance and Economics Discussion Series Divisions of Research & Statistics and Monetary Affairs Federal Reserve Board, Washington, D.C. Anton Badev and Matthew Chen     Donations are welcome!  BTC: 18fhWAhKcBRL3kXSbiMPt1bEpt8kSx4yxc  LTC: LYgxYvWSTGzFDcDziiuQk99hV2JnL3dm5a  ETH: 0x44a15b4ce54139deb109e8a6d432bdb11200b3fd  DASH: XeRu2SjbEiLuNxc5m1xkqPBHe9u68PsAok  BCN: